Our campers are currently built for 2 people, but there is 3 seats. So we can say that You can bring 3 people, but 4 would be impossible. We plan to build few bigger campervans aswell pretty soon!
Campervans are coming with sheet, pillows, blankets and light comforters, which most people are comfortable during summer months. However, we also include sleeping bags into van if needed upon request. Sleeping bags are recommended to bring even during summer months, as some nights might get pretty cold.
No. Travelers will have to pay the extra cleaning fee if we find evidence for smoking in the van.
It is possible to choose travel toilet as an extra equipment for most of our campervans. In base equipment the toilet is no toilet included - reason is that our goal is to make our camper vans as simple as possible to drive and operate. In case you decide to take camper without toilet, then don't worry, in Estonia there are many gas stations, small shops, and restaurants where you can use the bathroom facilities.

Most campgrounds also offer good facilities for travelers to use.
Yes, that would be really nice. We ask all of our customers to return the camper van in good shape, inside and outside. We do not require you to return the camper van completely clean, but if it is exceptionally dirty, requiring difficult stain removal or other special cleaning efforts, we will charge a cleaning fee of €100
Unlike many other campervan rentals, our campervans include a high-quality Webasto heating system to keep you warm. The system takes power from fuel and from the extra battery, so make sure that your fuel tank is not completely empty when you are about to use the heating system.

To guarantee that your battery does not drain completely, we do not recommend running the heating system throughout the entire night. We suggest keeping it running for a good while before going to bed, and then turning it off right before going to sleep, relying on your comforter and/or sleeping bag to keep your warm after that. You can then turn it on again as soon as you wake up.

The heating system is very easy to operate; simply turn the heat button to your preferred heat level and wait a few minutes before it kicks in. The system will always run at full power, but it will take breaks for longer periods of time depending on how low you set the heat button. Make sure that the heat exhaust area is completely clear and is not blocked by anything that easily melts.
Yes, we include 2 gas canisters for cooking in the van + one that is left behind from last travellers (only Eazy Basic). All biggest stores and gas stations in Estonia sell extra gas also, so no worries!
Average fuel consumption is around 9L per 100km.
Yes, all of our camper vans have a tracking system installed for safety reasons. In case of an emergency, we will be able to locate you quickly and send help right away. This tracking feature cannot be turned off at any point for this reason
"First come, first served" -> but dont worry, we have a lot of camping sites in Estonia!
Usual meeting point for dropoff and start of Your trip is in front of Ülemiste Shopping center. This is located just 5 min walking distance from Tallinn Airport and has plenty of stores to gear You up if needed. Check out this link for more info: http://www.ulemiste.ee/en/centre-map/
Just contact us via contact form. We will try to do our best to help You seal the deal!
Contract becomes active after signing it with our employee just before Your trip starts and your luggage is put into camper van.
The minimum rental period is 3 full days (72 hours). You are welcome to rent the camper van for a shorter period of time, but the charge will be for 3 days.
Yes, we like to keep it simple and easy. You can make changes anytime you want without any fees. Please send us an email to info@eazycamper.ee and let us know what you want to change. Remember to include your reservation number, which you can find in your confirmation e-mail.
Yes, no problem. You can cancel your reservation but make sure to give us a 30 day notice. Our cancellation policy requires that you must send us an email to info@eazycamper.ee 30 days prior to your pickup time! If you let us know 30 days or more in advance, your deposit will be refunded completely. If not, your deposit is not refundable - no exceptions. Remember to include your reservation number, which you can find in your confirmation e-mail.