Rental Terms


By signing the rental agreement, the client confirms that (s)he has understood them fully and agrees to the below mentioned terms and conditions. 

By signing the rental agreement the client gives Eazycampervan OÜ (Eazy Campers Estonia) the right to process and store any personal information as required for the rental agreement. 

By signing the rental agreement the customer gives Eazycampervanl OÜ (Eazy Campers Estonia) the right to debit any contractual costs, extras or fines from their credit-, debit card or from the deposit they transferred prior to car handover. 


To rent a car the customer must present a valid drivers license, personal ID (i.e. ID card) and a valid bank card. 

Only the person renting the car is authorized to drive the car i.e. the rental contract acts as the power of attorney. 

Additional drivers can be added for a fee.  

All drivers under the terms of the rental contract must be at least 21 years of age and have at least 2-years of driving experience. 


Rental prices include VAT, milage according to rental period, regular maintenance, insurance and 24h roadside assistance. 

Rental price does not include fuel. 


Rental prices include the mandatory insurance. 

Additional insurance is available: 

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) – Self risk lowered to 2500 EUR / Daily price 10 EUR 

Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) – Self risk lowered to 800 EUR / Daily price 20 EUR 

Tire Protection – Self-risk 0 EUR / Daily price 10 EUR *If not selected and car returned with flat tire, then fee of 150 EUR will be applied. 

In case of theft or roll-over incident we charge fee of 5000 EUR without exceptions. 

Deductible is taken into account for every insurance case. If multiple cases occur during the rental period, then they are treated as separate cases. 

The keys and documents are not insured and in case of their loss or damage the customer is obliged to cover all costs due to their replacment. 


The rental price (including extras) is pre-paid before the start of the rental period. The final accounting and corrections are done at the end of the rental period based on the actual duration. 

It is possible to pay by credit or debit cards as well as direct bank transfer. Payments are processed by Paypal. It is also possible to pay by cash, but it is disfavored. 

In case the customer returns the car before the original end date, then the excess payment is not returned unless agreed upon differently. 

If the customer is late in payment in any expense according ot the rental agreement, then they are obliged to pay a late fee of 0.5% on the unpaid amount of every calendar day they are late. 


The customer must present a valid credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) with a high enough credit limit when renting the car. 

Before the rental period starts we book a deposit of 500€. We also accept a bank transfer as deposit if requested. 

The deposit is used for possible damages as well as fines and other claims from third parties and is returned after the rental period ends and the car has been overseen for damages. 

In general if there are no claims the deposit is released or refunded within 1-3 working days. 

Owner of the bank card is set as the renter in the rental contract. 


The rental period is accounted as: 

Day = 12:00 – 09:00 

Week = 7 days 

Month = 30 days 


The car is given to the customer with a full fuel tank, clean and in a good technical state. 

During the handover we sign a handover document stating any prior damages to the car. By signing this document the customer agrees to the state of the car as described. 

When the car is returned we assume fuel tank filled fully. 

We accept return of the car with NOT FULL fuel tank, but charge fee of 150€ for covering costs which come with this. 

During the return the car has to be reasonably clean. We have accounted for a basic car wash and vacuuming post-rental, which the customer needn’t do. 


The rental price includes milage as per offer or contract. 

The standard restriction is 300km / day, but not more than 2000km per month 

In case the milage restriction is exceeded we charge an extra fee of €0.5/km 


The renter is obliged to use the car in good faith and according to accepted methods as well as return it in the same condition it was given at the start of the rental contract 

The tenant undertakes to comply with traffic regulations, best practices and existing legislation 

Smoking or consumption of drugs/alcohol is prohibited in the car. 

It is not permitted to drive outside of the Republic of Estonia unless previously agreed upon with Eazycampervan OÜ (Eazy Campers Estonia) in writing. 

It is forbbidden to drive on unofficial roads or roads without proper foundation or on roads where the surface may endanger the cars tires, rims, suspensions or other details 

It is forbidden to take the car to a racetrack, take part in any official or unofficial races. It is also not allowed to use the car for driving lessons, paid passenger transport, to carry dangerous goods, livestock etc 

It is forbidden to wash the car in an automatic washer that uses brushes as the brushes and powerful water streams can damage the protective adhesive or paint and is very expensive to repair 

In case of a car failure Eazycampervan OÜ (Eazy Campers Estonia) will if possible offer a replacement car 

The car has remote tracking and reports misuse (e.g. driving at excessive speeds), this information is also available retroactively and is used to determine possible fines 


All damages/fines caused by the client to third parties during the rental period (e.g. speeding tickets, parking fines etc) are to be born by the client also after the end of the rental period 

By signing the rental agreement and agreeing to the terms and conditions the customer gives Eazycampervan OÜ (Eazy Campers Estonia) the right to debit all fines and fees inclusive of any taxes or added fees from the customers credit card, debit card or discount from the deposit after the end of the rental contract. 


In case of fines/fees from third parties the customer pays a fine of 30€ in addition to any demands from the third parties. 

Driving with the car in excess of allowed speed limit +40km/h the base fine is 100€ to which any speed above the baseline will add 10€ per 1km/h. The speed is determined from the tracking reported by the car and is independent of any police investigation 

In and near populated areas the fines for speeding are doubled 

If a thorough cleaning of the interior is required the fee is 25€, if a chemical full cleaning is needed, then the fee is 100€ 

In case any extras or equipment is missing from the car the customer is required to pay a fine of 50€ to which the costs of replacing the missing or damaged equipment is added 

Loss of cars documents is fined at 50€ to which any costs associated to replacemnt of the documents is added 

Loss of the cars key costs 50€ + replacement keys cost. 

In case the customer allows the car to be driven by anyone outside of the agreed contract then the fine is 500€ 

Smoking in the car is fined at 300€ 

If the car is not returned at the end of the rental period, then the customer must reimburse a fee three times the standard rate for the excess days unless agreed upon previously. In addition if the late return means loss of business for Eazycampervan OÜ (Eazy Campers Estonia) , then the customer is obliged to cover that loss of business. 

For negligence, use of the car for what it wasn’t meant as well as use contrary to what the manufacturer has mandated the fine is 1000€ plus any costs associated to restoring the car to the same condition it was prior to the rental period. 


These conditions are in effect simultaneously with the rental contract. In case of conflict the current conditions apply (except deductible rates) 

Eazycampervan OÜ (Eazy Campers Estonia) does not cover in case of car failure any associated costs to customers travel plans neither direct or indirect. 

Eazycampervan OÜ (Eazy Campers Estonia) has the right to change pricing and conditions without prior notice 


Any customer data stored by the online shop is considered confidential and not disclosed to third parties. The company does not disclose such information to third parties unless required by law. 

Communication between the customer and banks or credit card payment system is encrypted and therefore provides confidentiality and security for customers financial data. The company does not have access to customers confidential bank or card information. 

The private data supplied to the company during the sale of services and products is protected and handled according to private data protection legislation. 

Private data is only gathered with the purpose of sales analysis and summaries as well as making offers to customers or for feedback polling. 

The private data of the customers is processed by Eazycampervan OÜ (reg 14773450, Pae 25-32, Tallinn, Harjumaa 11414) 

Eazycampervan OÜ may subcontract some other companies to process the private data, but will sign a separate agreement to do so, which will require confidentiality from the third party. 

Any such current list can be requested through mail to Eazycampervan OÜ at